Corporate Photography

Are you planning a new product launch, a corporate meeting, an annual success celebration or a press release? Are you again thinking about the coverage of the entire event? We are the right place to capture the event and provide you the complete coverage.

Top level executives are short of time in their busy schedules and would need to cover any event in brief, yet effective manner. We can provide you with the ideas for a press release which will be released throughout the country and also on social networks. We can cover the crisp points valuable for the release. We have latest equipment to capture and record the event.

Proper streamlining of new product launch is very important for any corporate house. Many companies have suffered where customers were unable to recognize a product due to lack of ‘new product launch ‘coverage. The beauty of any product launch is derived from the angle of shot at which the photograph is taken. Our team of experts will make the best arrangements for displaying your product or service in such a manner that it will aesthetically look at its best.

Every employee waits for the annual celebration where they tend to get break from hectic work while also enjoying the company’s success. We cover the event entirely, maintaining all the activities scheduled in order. Proper coverage of corporate events is very important as the events are highlighted to a great extent through mass media. This also shows the brand value and increases the reputation of the company.

meetingWe have a special team to cater corporate houses and the photographers are selected though rigorous recruitment processes. They are trained in our training school for delivering the best results. The cameras used for the event are of utmost quality and of latest technique.

Corporate event photography involves a lot of money and we have designed many packages for the same. You can contact us for selecting the best package as per your requirement or even you can customize the package to suit your requirement. Right from the initial contact to optimizing a final package we will ensure highest standards and timely delivery. We will be quick in response for emails and phone calls. Your wise decision will save you the money ensured with the best photography provided by us. Let us make your story a grand event.

dog photography

Pet Photography

We all love our pets and consider them as our family members. We try to give our pet as much facilities as we provide to the human members. Do you take interest in pet photography? Do you really frame its picture in your house? We are the right place to give you the ideas for pet photography and also capturing the best shot of you along with your pet.

Amberture excels in capturing magical images of your beloved pet. Dog, Cat, or any other pet, we can do photo shoot for any of your pet. Our professionals know how and when to capture and beautiful photo of even an unfriendly pet. Each photo session is designed as per nature and individual temperament of the pet. We believe in capturing natural character of an animal. With thorough planning, we will provide your pet a stress free and friendly environment during session so that the pet has its natural self, no matter the attitude or mood. For making the pet friendlier to the team and the studio we allow it to explore the place.

Amberture understands the emotional bond between you and your pet. That’s why we create a story or masterpiece through our photographs that how your pet makes you laugh or cry. You can choose the storyline already designed by us or you can ask us to create one for you. The storyline will include all the activities in order that you would like to have.

dog photographyYou can choose a desired location and any prop for adding an interesting color to the photograph. We have many packages for pet photography, you can choose any one of them as per your need. We will create such beautiful photos that your furry member of the family will look like a star. We always try to create a fun experience for both you and your pet. We do not believe in just artificial posing, rather we believe in capturing the real behavior of the pet.

Pet photography is not an easy task for any photographer. We have specific photographers who can handle feather to fur and give the best shot for your pet. Photographs may be taken in traditional or lifestyle portrait settings. Priceless moments are those which are captured uniquely in natural environment and reactions for your pet. While we understand that you want a beautiful picture, we also believe that you are looking for much more from the pet photography.